Dawna Markova

Dr. Dawna Markova was co-founder and CEO of Professional Thinking Partners, and is currently CEO Emeritus of CORE Thinking Partners. An inspirational speaker, writer, researcher, and teacher, she is internationally known for her asset-focused work in the fields of perception, learning, and identifying core cognitive competencies. She has developed a dynamic approach to recognizing intellectual diversity and maximizing intellectual capital. Dawna is a former Senior Affiliate of the Organizational Learning Center at MIT and a consultant member of the Society for Organizational Learning, founded the Institute for Human Ecology, and has served as faculty member at the Union Institute, Lesley and Antioch Graduate Schools

In addition to Collaborative Intelligence and Relational Intelligence, Dawna is the author of Wide Open, A Spot of Grace, I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, The Smart Parenting Revolution, The Open Mind book and audio series, No Enemies Within, How Your Child IS Smart, and Learning Unlimited.

Dawna has been given the Vision in Action award for her work originating the Random Acts of Kindness movement, the Foster Grand-parenting and Peer Counseling programs, the World Wide Women’s Web, the Institute for Human Ecology, and the on-line SmartWired Program, which has been translated into seven languages and offered in 42 countries.

A long-term cancer survivor (she was told she had six months to live almost thirty years ago), Dawna has been a frequent keynote speaker and has delivered presentations to many organizations around the world.